We had a day long PD on Tuesday of this week during which the entire teaching staff split up into five different committees in order to begin reforming our school. Our options were Positive Behavior Intervention Support/ELITE, PSSA Prep, Environment, Student Leadership, and Cultural Awareness. I opted for the PBIS/ELITE team. Our task was to create an incentive program th at the whole school (6-12) would actually buy into. It would be based on the ELITE model, which stands for Expectations, Location, Interaction, Task, and Expression.  The generic poster is below.  There are also area specific ELITE rule posters for the classroom, hallway, bathroom, and cafeteria which just have the ELITE down the left and rules for the specific area next to them.  Essentially, we decided to implement a points system.  I was uber vocal during the meeting and the vlog below talks about the perks of being vocal.


About legrandreveur12

I'm 23 and finishing up my M.A.T. degree in Secondary English Education at Pitt. I currently intern at an urban school and absolutely love it there. I willingly teach the kids other schools can't handle because I don't believe in giving up on people. Everyone deserves a chance to show the world what they are capable of, including my kids.

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